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Updated: 01 September 2021


While every effort is made to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of the information, documents, legislation, data or material (the "Information") available on this site, N.B. Crime Stoppers assumes no liability or responsibility for the completeness, accuracy or usefulness of any of the Information.

Information (including any revisions and updates) at this site is provided solely for general public information purposes and is provided strictly "as is."

N.B. Crime Stoppers makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, in respect of the Information at this site or that may be accessed through this site by way of links to other sites, including without limitation, as to:

  • The accuracy, adequacy, completeness or reliability of any Information howsoever stored or transmitted, which may be obtained from this site; or
  • The merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or use with respect to any Information whatsoever included in this site or that may be accessed through this site; or the results to be obtained from using such Information.

Information may be changed or updated without notice. The Information contained herein may not reflect current Crime Stoppers initiatives. By making this Information available, N.B. Crime Stoppers is not engaged in providing advice.

While every effort is made to ensure that all information provided at this site does not contain computer viruses, you should take reasonable and appropriate precautions to scan for computer viruses and should ensure that you have a complete and current backup of the applicable items of Information contained on your computer system.


Using files located on non-Crime Stoppers servers

To improve the functionality of Crime Stoppers' websites, certain files (such as open-source libraries, images and scripts) may be delivered automatically to your browser via a trusted third-party server or content delivery network. The delivery of these files is intended to provide a seamless user experience by speeding response times and avoiding the need for each visitor to download these files. Where applicable, specific privacy statements covering these files are included in our Privacy Policy.


Linking to non-Crime Stoppers websites

Links to websites not under the control of Crime Stoppers, including those to our social media accounts, are provided solely for the convenience of our website visitors. We are not responsible for the accuracy, currency or reliability of the content of such websites. Crime Stoppers does not offer any guarantee in that regard and is not responsible for the information found through these links, and does not endorse the sites and their content.


Ownership and usage of content provided on this site

Materials on this website were produced and/or compiled for the purpose of providing New Brunswickers with access to information about the programs and services offered by N.B. Crime Stoppers, Inc. You may use and reproduce the materials as follows:


Non-commercial reproduction

Unless otherwise specified, you may reproduce the materials in whole or in part for non-commercial purposes, and in any format, without charge or further permission, provided you do the following:

  • exercise due diligence in ensuring the accuracy of the materials reproduced
  • indicate both the complete title of the materials reproduced, as well as the author (where available)
  • indicate that the reproduction is a copy of the version available at [URL where the original document is available]


Commercial reproduction

Unless otherwise specified, you may not reproduce materials on this site, in whole or in part, for the purposes of commercial redistribution without prior written permission from the copyright administrator.

Some of the content on this site may be subject to the copyright of another party. Where information has been produced or copyright is not held by N.B. Crime Stoppers, the materials are protected under the Copyright Act, and international agreements. Details concerning copyright ownership are indicated on the relevant page(s).


Trademark notice

The official symbols of N.B. Crime Stoppers may not be reproduced, whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes, without prior written authorization.


Interacting with us on social media

This notice has been written to explain how N.B. Crime Stoppers interacts with the public on social media platforms.

Your engagement with N.B. Crime Stoppers via social media is in part governed by the Terms of Service/Use of the relevant third-party social media platform providers, as well as our Terms of Engagement policy. N.B. Crime Stoppers, Inc. has no control over the social media platform providers’ Terms of Service/Use, but you are strongly encouraged to read them in addition to those that follow.


N.B. Crime Stoppers – Digital Media Services owns and maintains several website addresses (known as URLs) to easily direct visitors and users to various sections of our website and social media operations. For example: Many sites like Twitter limit the number of characters used when sending messages, so lengthy website addresses will automatically be shortened using our URL shortener service ( powered by bitly™. The URL address for our FAQ page, for instance, will look like this: If you see a link from us on our website, or in an email that you’re unsure about, do not hesitate to email us at: support@nbcs-ecnb.caHere is a complete list of the website addresses we own and maintain:

    • Primary Website Address
    • Administration and Volunteer Access (Corporate Use Only)
    • | URL (website address) shortener service powered by bitly™
    • | Direct connection to secure tip submission form (English)
    • | Direct connection to secure tip submission form (French)
    • | Link to download Mobile Apps
    • | Connect with Crime Stoppers on mobile devices and tablets


Alternative Formats and Plug-ins

Information throughout the Crime Stoppers website is provided in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) as the primary format. In some cases, other software formats are provided as alternatives. To open these alternate formats, you may need to download and install one or more of the following on your computer:

Portable Document Format (PDF)

Some of the pages available on our website are electronic versions of documents that were originally designed for printing. These documents may also be available for download in PDF so that you can view and print them with virtually the same graphics, typography and layout as the original version.

Before you can open any of the PDF documents on our website, you will first need to install one of the free PDF reader software programs from the list below.

Word Processing Software
  • DOC – Some files are available in Microsoft Word or Rich Text formats. To view these files you will need Microsoft Word Reader.
  • XLS – To read a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel format, you will need the Microsoft Excel Viewer.
  • PPT – Presentations are available in Microsoft PowerPoint format. To view these files you will need PowerPoint Presentation Viewer.
  • RTF – Rich Text format. To access these files use the document conversion features available in most word processing software, or use a file viewer capable of reading RTF.
Media Players (for viewing interactive content)
Zip files
  • Why Zip files? – Zip files compress data and therefore save time and space, and make downloading software faster.
  • How do I open a Zip file? – After you have installed Zip software, you can open a Zip file by double-clicking it in your browser and choosing “Unzip or install from an existing Zip file” in the WinZip Wizard. If you do not have Zip software on your computer, you can download many free versions.


NOTE: The websites listed above are outside of the control of Crime Stoppers and are listed solely for the convenience of our users. Crime Stoppers does not endorse any of the software found on these sites and is unable to provide technical assistance to users who install this software on their computers.



P3 is the chosen tip management solution for nearly 400 Crime Stoppers programs worldwide, providing N.B. Crime Stoppers with a secure and encrypted tip submission form online and the P3 Tips Mobile Application for Apple and Android devices.

P3 Global Intel is owned and managed by Ohio-based Navigate360 - Building Safer Tomorrows.


By submitting your information to Crime Stoppers via the P3 Online Tip Form and/or Mobile Application, you agree to the following Terms of Use:

Children under 13 must have a parent or legal guardian read and accept the following Terms of Use on their behalf and take full responsibility for compliance with the terms and conditions of this license.



Provide no identifying information about yourself if you wish to remain anonymous when submitting Crime tips via our toll-free phone line, secure webform, or mobile application.


Improper Use


The information that you provided on this form must be correct to the best of your knowledge. The deliberate provision of false information may be investigated and potentially prosecuted. This information submission system is provided to the public, for the purpose of anonymously reporting known or suspected suspicious or criminal activity, which has occurred or may occur. Any misuse or abuse of this system is strictly prohibited. You acknowledge and confirm that the information you are providing is not urgent or requiring prompt or immediate attention, and you understand that you should call 9-1-1 or contact the appropriate authorities by phone if this is time-sensitive information. Children under 13 must not disclose personally-identifying information.



This form should not be used for emergencies. You acknowledge and confirm that the information you are providing is not urgent or requiring prompt or immediate attention, and you understand that you should call 9-1-1 or contact the appropriate authorities by phone if this is time-sensitive information.



An alpha-numeric code will be issued to you when you submit your information. This code can be used to check on the status of a submitted tip or to answer follow-up questions about the information that you submitted. You will also be able to upload additional images or information using this code. To follow-up on an existing tip, you can log-in to our site using the alpha-numeric code and password that was assigned to you automatically after your initial submission of information. Ensure to record this information safely once displayed on your screen as it cannot be retrieved again. Due to the high volume of information that is received, Crime Stoppers and/or its law enforcement partners may be unable to reply to every submission.


Submission and Disposition

Although we utilize physical, electronic, and administrative safeguards, including industry-standard encryption, due to the nature of the Internet and SMS delivery networks, we do not guarantee 100% security or timely delivery or reception of the submitted information. We do not guarantee or assume any responsibility for if, how, or when any submitted information may be reviewed or acted upon by law enforcement or public safety officials. Because information that you submit may not be monitored by such parties on a regular basis, you should not use this service to report events presenting an immediate danger to life or property, or which otherwise constitute an emergency as such reports may not receive an immediate response.



To guarantee anonymity, our website uses a proxy server that overwrites individual IP addresses so third-party cookie tracking tools only see a proxy or `masked’ IP address, not the user’s original IP. This means we can’t track crime information submitted back to your electronic device.


What types of files can Tipsters upload as tip attachments?

Tipsters can anonymously submit audio, video, image and document files with their tips and via additional two-way dialogue. Each upload is limited to a maximum size of 100 mb per file with the following file types being allowed:

Audio: m4p, mp3, wav

Video: avi, flv, mov, mp4, mpeg, mpg, wma, wmv

Image: gif, jpeg, jpg, png

Documents: doc, docx, pdf, xls, xlsx

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