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While law enforcement will always be available to respond to crime, we need your active participation to help prevent it. The police can’t do it alone – get informed, get involved and make crime prevention part of your everyday life. Together, we can continue to build a safer New Brunswick for all.

N.B. Crime Stoppers, along with various law enforcement partners have compiled some safety tips to increase your security at home, in public, and on the job:

  • Does your entry door have a deadbolt lock and peephole?
  • Does your sliding glass door have a wooden rod in the track so it can’t be opened, and pins in the overhead frame so it can’t be lifted out?
  • Does your landlord or building manager tightly control all keys?
  • Is there some kind of control over who enters and leaves the building?
  • Are walkways, entrances, parking areas, elevators, hallways, stairs, laundry rooms and storage areas well-lit 24 hours a day?
  • Are fire stairs locked from the stairwell side above the ground floor so that you can exit but no one can enter?
  • Are things well maintained? Are burnt-out lights fixed promptly, shrubs trimmed, trash and snow removed?

Other Resources:

N.B. Crime Stoppers wishes to thank the many law enforcement agencies for providing the material used in creating these safety tips for the public. Visit their websites for more information:

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