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NBCS Statistical Report / Rapport statistiques d’ECNB

Date Revised: July 31, 2021

StatisticYTD (January 01 – July 31, 2021)Since September 1985
Cases cleared38,543
Tips Received1,19134,461
Calls Received62236,872
Charges Laid3511,029
# of Rewards Approved191,853
# of Rewards Paid3768
Rewards Paid$1,650.00$234,725.00
# of Weapons Recovered12184
# of Vehicles Recovered172
Property Recovered$17,050.00$9,402,808.00
Cash Recovered$7,130.00$216,267.00
Drugs Seized$85,530.00$72,539,005.00
Total Recovered$109,710.00$82,158,080.00
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