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As a Registered Charity and community service program, volunteers are the lifeblood of the Crime Stoppers organization, and we welcome your participation.

There are 14 local chapters throughout the province of New Brunswick managed by a civilian Board of Directors who establish policy, raise funds to operate the program, and authorize award payments to Tipsters.

The local Board of Directors is responsible for the financial matters of the organization; raising money through donations to Crime Stoppers for the day-to-day operations of the program and for paying awards; reviewing and authorizing of award payments for each case solved by a tip to Crime Stoppers; and paying the operating expenses. Local boards meet once each month.

Join Your Local Chapter

When you become a member of Crime Stoppers, you become a Board member in the region in which you live. A person must be a board member of a local chapter in order to be eligible for positions on the Provincial Executive Board.

Local Boards normally meet once a month at a location within the chapter boundaries (day/time varies by region) to discuss fundraising initiatives and promotion ideas, and to approve awards to Tipsters recommended by law enforcement.

A provincial meeting (which includes two representatives from each chapter and the Provincial Executive) is held twice a year in Fredericton, NB. An Annual General Meeting is held annually, whereby the general membership meets and elections are held. An Annual Training Conference is hosted on an annual basis that features training seminars for members, treasurers and law enforcement coordinators.

To join, all interested persons must complete a membership package and are subject to an extensive criminal records check authorized by a municipal Police Force or RCMP detachment in your jurisdiction. Upon successful completion of the records check, the current Board will make a motion on accepting your application. Rest assured that having minor infractions, such as a speeding ticket, will not disqualify you for membership with Crime Stoppers.


There are 14 Crime Stoppers chapters in New Brunswick, each with its own Board of Directors :

Capital Region


Grand Lake Area


Kent Nord



Péninsule Acadienne



Saint John & Grand Bay-Westfield

Southeast N.B. Crime Stoppers

Sussex Regional

Western New Brunswick

Why Crime Stoppers?

People choose to volunteer for Crime Stoppers for a variety of reasons. Some have been personally affected by crime, for others, it offers the chance to give something back to the community and make a difference to the people around them. For many, it provides an opportunity to develop new skills or build on existing experience and knowledge and meet new people.

Crime Stoppers is not a frontline crime-fighting organization and volunteers will not be involved in any criminal investigation activities.


We are inclusive

We don’t judge people. We are here for everyone who needs us. We can change communities for the better by working together. Our volunteers represent their local area and work with all their different communities to build trust and confidence in reporting crime anonymously.

Your Commitment

Board membership is a commitment of far more than just time. Members must give of their energy, talents, and creativity. Crime Stoppers is a charitable organization: Board members are not paid. Their hard work reflects a belief in the philosophy of the program: helping solve crimes and a desire to see justice done.

Help to stop, solve, and prevent crime in your area – become a member of your local Crime Stoppers chapter. To get involved contact N.B. Crime Stoppers or your local chapter.

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