Quick Exit Button & Safe Browsing

You may have noticed we have added a green 'Quick Exit' button at the top of our website

This button allows you to quickly leave our website if you are concerned that it could pose an issue should someone know that you are seeking (or providing) this kind of information.

The Quick Exit button is helpful only if someone is watching over your shoulder or enters a room and you need to quickly switch to another website. It will not prevent the other person from going through your browser history or from knowing you were on our website if they are monitoring your device or internet activity remotely.

If you click on the ‘Quick Exit’ button, your browser will open a new window with a Google search for cute animals and replace this page with a Google search for cute owls. The back button will only go back to the last page you visited before our site. This allows you to quickly navigate away from our site if you are worried about someone close knowing you are visiting us.

NOTE: this functionality has made it such that clicking the back button on your browser will always take you away from our site. Though this affects the usability of our website, we believe your need for privacy is worth it and another step in keeping you safe and anonymous.


To minimize the chances of someone knowing that you are researching information about Crime Stoppers, follow these tips:

  1. If you think your devices or internet search activities are being monitored, access this information from a device that isn’t being monitored. This should be a device that the person does not or has not had physical or remote access to. This is the safest precaution to take to ensure no one knows you are visiting the Crime Stoppers website
  2. Sign-out of other accounts, such as Google or Facebook, before visiting Crime Stoppers
  3. Use your Internet browser settings to increase your privacy, such as turning off browsing history or using the browser's in-private mode. Read more about browser settings here. (https://www.techsafety.org/internetbrowserprivacytips)
  4. If it is safe to do so, delete our website URLs (website addresses) stored in the browser history
  5. Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to increase the security of your internet browsing and activity.
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