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Anonymous and Confidential Information:

Bilingual Anonymous Tipline: 1-800-222-TIPS (8477)
Submit a Tip Online: EnglishFrançais
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Get Crime Stoppers on your mobile device: Download the Free and secure App

Get Crime Stoppers on your mobile device:
Download the Free and Secure App

Protect yourself against fraud

If you think you may be the victim of fraud or you unknowingly provided personal or financial information, contact your local law enforcement, financial institution, and credit reporting agencies.

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Crime Stoppers will never:

  • give or ask for personal or financial information by email and ask you to click on a link. Official donations can be made via this web page;
  • email you a link asking you to fill in an online form with personal or financial details;
  • demand immediate payment by Interac e-transfer, Bitcoin, prepaid credit cards or gift cards from retailers such as iTunes, Amazon, or others;
  • use aggressive language or threaten you with arrest or sending the police;
  • official emails from N.B. Crime Stoppers will be sent from the following domain addresses only: / / /

Administrative Contact Information (Provincial Office):

*Please do not submit tips via email

Provincial Coordinator:
Sgt. Julie Goulet - RCMP/GRC

Mailing Address:

N.B. Crime Stoppers, Inc.
11-309-80 Mapleton Road
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
E1C 7W8


Administrative Phone: 1-844-333-8300

Local: (506) 248-0676 *This line does not accept anonymous tips

Administrative Fax: 1-855-565-7575
*This line does not accept anonymous tips

In An Emergency:

Crime Stoppers is NOT an emergency service or investigative agency. Call 9-1-1 (or your local emergency number) if your health, safety, or property is in immediate danger, or a crime is in progress.

RCMP/GRC in New Brunswick:

1-888-506-RCMP (non-emergency)

Municipal / Regional Police Forces
Click here to find your local police force

Department of Natural Resources and Energy Development
Click here to find your local office

National Security Tip-line:

1-800-420-5805 – Canada’s missing children resource centre:


Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (Report fraud/scams):


PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL TIPS: Crime Stoppers does not collect information on crimes via any email address listed on this site because we cannot guarantee your anonymity.

Any information sent to us in this manner will NOT be acted upon.

Click here to submit an anonymous tip via our secure and encrypted servers.

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