Monthly Archives: August 2016

Curbing illegal Hunting and Trapping practices in New Brunswick

Crime Stoppers, and the Department of Justice and Public Safety are seeking your help in an attempt to stop illegal hunting practices here in New Brunswick. The hunting and trapping of animals out of season is a recognized illegal activity. Another very serious offence is the hunting of deer, moose, and other animals at night.…Continue Reading

Crime of the Week: Break, Enter and Theft – Morrell Siding, N.B.

Crime Stoppers and the West District RCMP, Grand Falls detachment, are seeking the public’s assistance in solving a break, enter and theft at a cottage under construction in Morrell Siding, N.B. On January 24, 2016, sometime between midnight and 8:00 a.m., a home that was under construction on the West River Road, in Morrell Siding,…Continue Reading

Crime of the Week: Binary Options Fraud

Crime Stoppers and the Financial and Consumer Services Commission (FCNB) are warning the public about the proliferation of investment fraud involving binary options. Many New Brunswick investors are being approached to open online accounts to trade in binary options, which are essentially a wager as to whether the price of a financial asset will go…Continue Reading

Crime of the Week: The operation of motor vehicles in watercourses

Crime Stoppers and the Department of Public Safety are asking for your help in resolving an on-going problem of people trespassing and damaging our watercourses with their motorized vehicles. A watercourse is any body of water that includes the bed, banks, sides and shoreline of any river, creek, stream, spring, brook, lake, pond, reservoir or…Continue Reading

Crime of the Week: Illegal tobacco affects all New Brunswickers

Crime Stoppers, Department of Justice and Public Safety, and Atlantic Convenience Stores Association are asking New Brunswickers to report suspicious activities involving the use, sale, transportation, and distribution of tobacco not purchased from a licensed retailer. The production and sale of illegal tobacco is not regulated which means, among many things, that the ingredients are not…Continue Reading

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