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This section of the website is reserved exclusively for volunteers, personnel, contract workers, members and partner organizations of N.B. Crime Stoppers, Inc. Interested in becoming a volunteer member of Crime Stoppers? Click here to find out how.

If you need to update your personal information, have forgotten your password, or require assistance in accessing any of the myCollab Centre services, please contact the Digital Media Services office via email:; or by leaving a voicemail at 1-844-333-8300 (Option 3 after the language prompt).


Cette section du site Web est réservée exclusivement aux bénévoles, au personnel, aux contractuels, aux membres et aux organismes partenaires d'Échec au crime N.-B. Inc. Vous souhaitez devenir membre bénévole d'Échec au crime ? Cliquez ici pour découvrir comment.

Si vous devez mettre à jour vos informations personnelles, avez oublié votre mot de passe ou avez besoin d'aide pour accéder à l'un des services Centre maCollab, veuillez contacter le bureau des Services de médias numériques par courriel : ; ou en laissant un message vocal au 1-844-333-8300 (option 3 après la langue).


Forms / Formulaires

DMS-SMN E-5130 Photograph, Video, and Digital Media Consent and Release Form / Formulaire de consentement et d'autorisation pour les photographies, les vidéos et les médias numériques External / Externe View / Voir
DMS-SMN E-5240 Chapter Website Listing / Liste des chapitres sur le site Web Internal / Interne View / Voir
DMS-SMN E-5350 Event Submission Form / Formulaire de soumission d'événement Internal / Interne View / Voir
DMS-SMN E-5460 Photo Submission Form / Formulaire de soumission de photos Internal / Interne View / Voir
DMS-SMN E-5570 Meeting Attendance Confirmation / Confirmation de présence à la réunion Internal / Interne View / Voir
NBCS-ECNB P-5120 Fillable Version - Expense Claim Form - Formulaire de réclamation de dépenses Internal / Interne View / Voir
NBCS-ECNB P-5120 Printable Version - Expense Claim Form - Formulaire de réclamation de dépenses Internal / Interne View / Voir
DMS-SMN E-5680 InfoDocs - Monthly Chapter Submissions / Soumissions de chapitres mensuelles Internal / Interne View / Voir

Video Conference Etiquette / Étiquette de vidéoconférence

Communicating in a virtual environment / Communiquer dans un environnement virtuel

Best Practices / Pratiques exemplaires

Ensure to join meetings on mute and stay on mute if you're not talking. Turn on your video if you have a good internet connection. Select the 'Raise Hand' function if you need to speak during a meeting. Use the chat to ask questions and share thoughts, which reduces crosstalk and other interruptions.

Pendant une réunion, vous devez vous mettre en sourdine si vous ne prenez pas la parole, mais vous pouvez allumer votre caméra si votre connexion internet le permet. Pour parler pendant une réunion, sélectionnez la fonction lever la main. Pendant une réunion, utilisez la fenêtre de clavardage pour poser vos questions et partager vos idées, afin de réduire les conversations croisées et les interruptions.

Slido for Video Calls

Meeting Interaction

Slido provides Live Polls, Audience Q&As, Quizzes, and Analytics within Microsoft Teams and Zoom Video Calls.

Use the participant code provided in the meeting invite or the QR Code given to you by the host.

Audio-Only Option - to be used only when you cannot access the Microsoft Teams Application or join via Internet Browser.

NOTE: Phone numbers below may be considered long-distance depending on your phone or wireless plan. Please check with your carrier prior to dialling these numbers:

These numbers are only for Microsoft Teams Meetings. You will require a 9-digit Phone Conference ID when calling. This information is available in the email invitation.

Miramichi, NB (English / Français / Español): 1-506-802-9619

Fredericton, NB (Français / English / Español): 1-506-804-9783

Moncton, NB (Français / English): 1-506-800-1602

Halifax, NS (English / Français): 1-902-703-6476

Toronto, ON (English): 1-647-557-1766

Montréal, QC (Français / English): 1-438-792-1020

Gatineau, QC (Français / English): 1-819-307-1700

Ottawa, ON (English / Français): 1-343-804-0210

Québec City, QC (Français / English): 1-581-702-8068

Orlando, Florida, USA (English / Español): 1-321-754-9482

Orlando, Florida, USA (English): 1-689-223-2755

In-meeting menu options / Options du menu en cours de réunion

Use these keys when you are using the playback menu / Utilisez les touches suivantes lorsque vous êtes dans le menu de lecture :

*1 - Plays a description of the menu options that are available during a meeting / Lire une description des options du menu disponibles pendant une réunion

*5 - Raises or lowers your hand / Permet de lever ou de baisser la main

*6 - Mutes or unmutes your microphone / Désactive ou active votre microphone

If you are the meeting organizer, use these keys to manage the meeting / Si vous êtes l’organisateur de la réunion, utilisez ces clés pour gérer la réunion :

*21 - Admits all participants in the lobby to enter the meeting / Accepter tous les participants de la salle d’attente pour entrer dans la réunion

*22 - Mutes all participants except organizer / Désactiver le son de tous les participants à l’exception de l’organisateur

*23 - Enables or disables entry and exit announcements / Active ou désactive les annonces d’entrée et de sortie

*24 - Hears the participant count waiting in the lobby / Entend le nombre de participants dans la salle d’attente

Audio-Only Option - to be used only when you cannot access the Zoom Application or join via Internet Browser.

NOTE: Phone numbers below may be considered long-distance depending on your phone or wireless plan. Please check with your carrier prior to dialling these numbers:

These numbers are only for Zoom Meetings. You will require a Meeting ID (10 digits) and Passcode (6 digits) when calling. This information is available in the email invitation.

1-506-300-0567 - Miramichi, NB
1-833-633-8500 - Fredericton, NB (Toll-Free)
1-778-907-2071 - Vancouver, British Columbia
1-438-809-7799 - Montréal, Québec
1-587-328-1099 - Calgary, Alberta
1-613-209-3054 - Ottawa, Ontario
1-647-374-4685 - Toronto, Ontario
1-647-558-0588 - Mississauga, Ontario

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Décharge de responsabilité : Les liens vers les sites Web ne relevant pas de l’Échec au crime sont fournis uniquement pour des raisons de commodité. L’Échec au crime n’est pas responsable de l’exactitude, de l’actualité ou de la fiabilité de leur contenu. Il n’offre aucune garantie à cet égard et n’est pas responsable des renseignements associés à ces liens, pas plus qu’il ne cautionne ces sites ou leur contenu.

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N.B. Crime Stoppers, Inc. along with technology partners maintains all identifiable information provided by the user on computer servers in a controlled and secured environment, which is protected by measures reasonably designed to prevent unauthorized access, loss, alteration, use or disclosure of such information. Unauthorized access is prohibited and all violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This includes criminal and civil prosecution, in provincial and federal courts. All traffic is logged and monitored for potential abuse.


Use of Cookies:

myCollab Centre / Centre maCollab uses a feature called a ‘cookie’ to store browser information used by our servers when you log into the myCollab Centre / Centre maCollab. Cookies, by themselves, cannot be used to disclose the individual identity of any site user. If you opt not to accept cookies, you will not be able to access the myCollab Centre / Centre maCollab section of our site. In order to adjust your privacy (‘cookie’) setting, please go to the Internet options section of your Internet browser and change it accordingly.

Acceptable Use Policy (Email / Instant Messaging):
Access to N.B. Crime Stoppers Corporate Webmail is restricted to authorized users only. All activities performed while logged into the applications above are subject to Crime Stoppers’ acceptable use policies and may be monitored by Digital Media Services. Users should have no expectation of privacy, and access or use of this application constitutes express consent to such monitoring. Unauthorized users may be subject to disciplinary and/or legal action including criminal prosecution.

Best practices when using SmarterMail, Zoho Mail, Google Gmail, and Microsoft Outlook:

  • Ensure the desktop computer or mobile device you are using is trusted and free of malware
  • We recommend using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge internet browsers when accessing and ensure they are kept up-to-date
  • Utilize multi-factor authentication (MFA) wherever available
  • Avoid downloading company-sensitive information to your computer
  • Take care no one is looking over your shoulder (shoulder surfing) when using the computer, especially in a public location
  • Never reveal your Password to anyone. If you receive an anomalous email asking for sensitive account information, you must not disclose it. You should report the incident to the Digital Media Services office immediately when in doubt
  • Create a strong, easy-to-remember password and one that you do not use on your other personal devices
  • Avoid online fraud, phishing attempts, and con tricks. Learn to spot fake emails and websites
  • When you are finished using Corporate Webmail, click the ‘Logout’ link in the top right corner of the webpage and completely exit the browser.
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